Center of Excellence


Product design and development.

  • Additive Materials Engineering
  • Software Engineering
  • Legacy Component Reengineering


The process of taking a concept to the stage of commercial resale.

  • Product Testing
  • Manufacturing Design
  • Product Research

Process Development

The creation of documented processes to aid in the manufacturing process.

  • Documentation
  • Training
  • Recurrency

Why Choose the AMRO CoE?

The AMRO Center of Excellence provides industry Members and academic with an economicly affordable means of developing new and innovative processes and products for commercial application with the assistance of other like minded partner.
The AMRO Center of Excellence also allows for the direct interaction between graduate students and industry professionals which gives businesses a leg up on the selection of the next generation of engineers and technicians.

Tony Bailey, AMRO CoE Developer

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Alex Clarson, Customer

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